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Die limitierte Erstauflage im Digipak kommt inkl. drei Live-Bonustracks.

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Energy and emotion are words that Michael Schenker keeps coming back to, and those qualities run deep in „Revelation“, from the first song and single „Rock Steady“, an anthem lit up by those four great voices, all the way through to the finale „Ascension“, an archetypal Schenker instrumental in the tradition of his 1980 tour de force „Into The Arena“.

For Schenker, there is a powerful symbolism in this album’s cover and title and also in the home he has found for Michael Schenker Fest at Nuclear Blast. “I left Germany when I was 17 years old,” he says, “because Germany was behind England and America in the development of rock music, and nobody understood what I was doing. The ironic part is I’ve gone full circle and ended up with a German record company. And it’s a company devoted to rock music.”

In his long and storied career, Michael Schenker has lived by his own rules. As he explains: “I have two tattoos on my back. One says: ‘Born to overcome.’ The other says: ‘Born to be free.’” These beliefs, Schenker says, are at the heart of „Revelation“ – an album created out of tragedy, and true to his vision of pure self-expression. “I understand more of who I am today and why life had to happen the way it has,” he says. “When I started off as a kid, I was just having fun playing guitar. Not chasing anything, not competing with anyone. I always wanted fulfilment over fame. For me it was all about being myself. It was about the pure joy in playing guitar. And after all these years, it still is.”

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Rock steady 4:25
2 - Under a blood red sky 3:54
3 - Silent again 4:11
4 - Sleeping with the light on 4:02
5 - The beast in the shadows 5:02
6 - Behind the smile 4:31
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