Savage requiem

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MAGIC KINGDOM - Savage requiem
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Magic Kingdom est un groupe discret. En effet, en seize ans d'existence, les Belges ne sortent en ce mois de mars que leur quatrième album. A chaque fois on pense le groupe perdu ou arrêté mais non, le guitariste Dushan Petrossi revient toujours au bout d

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Belgian guitarist Dushan Petrossi is not only the driving force behind AFM Records-signed IRON MASK; he is also the mastermind of power symphonic speed metal band MAGIC KINGDOM. Actually it was MAGIC KINGDOM who first received international success, in Europe, Asia and South America alike. Even though the band only looks back on three album releases (with the fourth ?Savage Requiem? to arrive in March 2015), these albums - especially the latter ones ?Metallic Tragedy? and ?Symphony Of War? established them as one of the most successful bands of their genre.

And while Petrossi?s band IRON MASK, which came to blossom in recent years, follows a more hard rock-oriented style to combine with some neo-classical elements, MAGIC KINGDOM is more heavy and fast-paced, but not a single bit less enchanting and catchy.

?Savage Requiem? again delivers 100% what fans expect from MAGIC KINGDOM. Petrossi?s splendid guitar work shines throughout the whole record and new vocalist Christian Palin?s (ex-Adagio) performance is passionate and powerful.

Even though the name MAGIC KINGDOM might sound very sweet and remind of Disney theme parks, the band?s sound definitely has got ?balls?, even though MAGIC KINGDOM are deeply rooted in the melodic styles of metal. The furious playing of Petrossi especially adds the neo-classical touch, no wonder that the excellent guitarist is compared to greats like Yngwie Malmsteen and Michael Romeo.

?Savage Requiem? was produced and mixed by Angelo Buccolieri and Dushan Petrossi with mastering done by Giampiero ?Pape? Ulacco at Spitfire Studio. All music, vocal melodies, orchestral arrangements and lyrics have been composed and written by Dushan Petrossi.

After successfully launching the band in 1998 and releasing the debut album ?The Arrival? just a year later, MAGIC KINGDOM had to deal with several setbacks, so it took five years until the second album ?Metallic Tragedy? was released. The critically-acclaimed longplayer was prove that MAGIC KINGDOM had grown into a force to be reckoned with. 2010 saw the band release their third album, ?Symphony Of War?, where they partly continued the concept story of ?Metallic Tragedy?.

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1 - In umbra mea 1:08
2 - Guardian angels 7:08
3 - Rivals forever 5:16
4 - Full moon sacrifice 6:30
5 - Ship of ghosts 4:43
6 - Savage requiem 6:35
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