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Trouver plus de DECREPIT BIRTH

Highly awaited fourth studio album, successor to "Polarity" (2010).

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Formed in 2001, Decrepit Birth released three studio album's to date, which got them a premiere spot on the Death Metal radar. Their music, infused with technical and progressive twists, managed to forge a very solid international fan base, and continues to forge their path into the future, as one of the genre's finest bands. Awakening from a seven-year slumber, the Californians new offering is entwined with musical athleticism and characteristic esoteric themes. "Axis Mundi" is as crushing as it is cosmic, now more than ever!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Vortex of infinity... Axis Mundi 4:16
2 - Spirit guide 5:33
3 - The sacred geometry 4:26
4 - Hieroglyphic 5:16
5 - Transcendental paradox 4:31
6 - Mirror of humanity 4:30
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