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DEATHROW - Deception ignored REMASTERED
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  • Genre:Progressive Rock/Metal, Thrash Metal
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Deutlich progressiver und technischer ging es 1989 auf dem dritten Album "Deception ignored" zur Sache. In der Folgezeit wurde es ruhiger um die DEATHROW und 1992 folgte letztendlich die Auflösung nach einem zermürbenden Rechtstreit mit der neuen Plattenfirma West Virgina Records.

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DEATHROW’s third and most commercially successful album, "Deception Ignored" was originally released in 1989 and was a huge leap in turns of technicality and progression for the band after a small line-up change brought in some new influences. The quartet remained true to their thrash sound but expanded their sound to incorporate progressive elements and was played with a new found technical precision. Out of print since its release, "Deception Ignored" is hailed as DEATHROW’s defining moment and is still revered in the metal underground to this day. This, newly remastered version includes a bonus track from the recording sessions plus liner notes with band founding members Sven Flügge and Markus Hahn. The vinyl of this album has been out of print for 30 years!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Events in concealment 5:32
2 - The deathwish 4:27
3 - Triocton 8:11
4 - N. L. Y. H. 3:11
5 - Watching the world 4:51
6 - Narcotic 9:21
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