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Trouver plus de CORONER

Die längst überfällige, remasterte Neuauflage kommt im Digipak inkl. 12-seitigem Booklet.

Plus d'info:

Formed in Zurich, Switzerland in 1983, Coroner were originally roadies for fellow Swiss avant garde thrashers, Celtic Frost. In fact, Frost frontman Tom G Warrior sang vocals on the bands demo, ‘Death Cult’. Signing to Germany’s Noise Records in 1987 the band produced five albums for the label over the next nine. Starting out from the 80’s thrash scene the band’s sound soon progressed to encompass elements of classical, avant-garde, prog, jazz and industrial and their increasingly complex style pf progressive rock-infused thrash garnered them the nickname, “the Rush of thrash metal”. The cult status of the band lead them to reform in 2011 where they have toured the globe, playing major festivals in between. They are scheduled to release a new album, their first in 22 years, later this year.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis) (2018 - Remaster) 7:05
2 - Son of Lilith (2018 - Remaster) 6:55
3 - Semtex Revolution (2018 - Remaster) 5:30
4 - Sirens (2018 - Remaster) 4:56
5 - Metamorphosis (2018 - Remaster) 5:34
6 - Pale Sister (2018 - Remaster) 4:55
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