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BLUES PILLS Blues pills live

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BLUES PILLS - Blues pills live
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Le live album limité en format digibook. Enregistré au Freak Valley Festival an Allemagne, le jeune groupe se présente en forme idéale! Attention: il n`y aura pas des rééditions de cette pièce magnifique!

Plus d'info:

The magic surrounding multinational blues rock sensation BLUES PILLS continues to evolve day by day and looking back on 2014, one can but wonder, how this enchanted ride could ever slow down! From the humble beginnings, the “naive dream of playing for any crowds”, becoming an aspiring underground phenomenon, to signing a deal with Nuclear Blast with just two EPs at hand and taking the worldwide charts by storm with their eponymous debut album (Germany #4, Switzerland #10, Austria #19, Finland #22, UK #68, France #77) - it only took BLUES PILLS two years to arrive at the ultimate musical Parthenon.
Entering 2015, the Swedish-Franco-American foursome is set to publish its first ever full live record, delivering an obvious choice. »Blues Pills Live« was recorded at renowned German Freak Valley Festival, a somewhat “aspiring underground phenomenon”. Considering the history of BLUES PILLS, it could not have been any other event to be presented on such a release: Festival founder Jens Heide has not only been supporting the young musicians from “day one, before our demos where public or even recorded, before we even played a single show, before ‘Devil Man’ even was written and before the band was fully formed,” as vocalist Elin Larsson points out, he even gave the band its name!
Aside the fact that their show at Freak Valley was their first ever headline appearance at such an outdoor happening, it has been a special day all along: “It was one of the first festivals of the season, we had played Out & Loud the night before and it was really exiting. We took a walk around the festival and I remember getting a really good vibe from the place,” string prodigy Dorian Sorriaux recalls. “It felt like all the puzzle pieces came together up until one moment, this experience at Freak Valley Festival,” adds Larsson.
And so »Blues Pills Live« will be released as a thank you to the person and the event that paved the way for what is today known as the hottest band in classic/blues rock: BLUES PILLS.
>>> The album will be released on vinyl and as a lavish digibook CD and sold for a special price. The release is strictly limited and will not be reprinted – once it's gone, it's gone! <<<
From the past to the present and the future: The relentless touring efforts will continue as early as late January with a few single shots and a full headlining run throughout Europe in March. And besides the mandatory European festivals, BLUES PILLS will finally cross the big pond to make their US live debut, accepting the invitation to play at Kirk Hammett's Fear FestEvil in April, alongside their longtime friends and labelmates ORCHID among others.
For those who hope to meet and have a small chat with Dorian, Elin, bassist Zack and drummer André, there might be more chances coming up, as the booking for 2015 is not done yet. Maybe even at Freak Valley 2015 – where the band will headline once again!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - High Class Woman (Live) 5:44
2 - Ain't No Change (Live) 8:35
3 - Bliss (Live) 4:42
4 - Dig In (Live) 6:32
5 - Black Smoke (Live) 7:42
6 - Time Is Now (Live) 3:49
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