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  • CD-Digi + DVD - 15,99 EUR
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  • Format:CD-Digi + DVD
  • Genre:Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal
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Trouver plus de FOLLOW THE CIPHER

Die limitierte Erstauflage kommt im Digipak inkl. fetter Bonus-DVD! FSK: 6

Plus d'info:

Forget everything you thought to know, because FOLLOW THE CIPHER are ready to herald a new musical era and crash through the different dimensions of our universe to steal your breath. Despite their stylistic diversity, the Swedish metal act creates a stunning overall concept, mixing a first-class sound with magical charisma, an innovative concept, live presence and an incredibly talented singer.

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Enter The Cipher 5:20
2 - Valkyria 3:53
3 - My Soldier 3:44
4 - Winterfall 3:37
5 - Titan's Call 3:40
6 - The Rising 3:41
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Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Valkyria (Music Video)
2 - Carolus Rex (Music Video)
3 - A Mind's Escape (Lyric Video)
4 - The Rising (Lyric Video)
5 - Enter The Cipher (Live From Mor)
6 - My Soldier (Live From Mor)
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