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The days get shorter during autumn, and the darkness lasts longer. As the leaves turn, life does as well. This annual change ushers in another season and all of its inherent possibilities. For as dark as it may seem, it offers the promise of a new chapter. Such contrast fuels Alberta, Canada metal outfit ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN. Sonically, precise metallic pummeling offsets sweeping and soaring hooks, while thematically apocalyptic imagery undercuts a glimmer of hope. The quintet - Jamison Friesen (lead vocals), Brendan Anderson (lead guitars), Ryan Sorensen (rhythm guitars), Kevin Student (bass), and Ty Fox (drums) - explores this dichotomy to the fullest extent on its full-length debut, »Harbinger« (Nuclear Blast).

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Hurricane on the horizon 3:43
2 - End of existence 2:58
3 - Witness 3:51
4 - The horror 3:24
5 - Old bones / New blood 3:39
6 - Better off without 4:33
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