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Initially released in 1971 ‘Look at Yourself’ is the third album by British rock band Uriah Heep. Fast forward 46 years it still remains a timeless classic. Painstakingly remastered by Andy Pearce this 2CD set also includes previously unreleased alternative mixes that reignite and rejuvenate iconic tracks such as ‘July Morning’ & title track ‘Look At Yourself’. Extensive liner notes penned by best-selling author Joel McIver tell the story of the band’s ascent to the very top and are accompanied by new and revealing accounts of the time from Mick Box and Ken Hensley. The artwork features a full silver foil-board digipack which turns the entire package into a "mirror" which was seen as conveying a distorted image of the person viewing it. The idea, by guitarist Mick Box, was for the cover to directly reflect the album title. BMG have taken this concept and turned it up to 11!

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Look at yourself (2016 - Remaster) 5:11
2 - I wanna be free (2016 - Remaster) 4:01
3 - July morning (2016 - Remaster) 10:35
4 - Tears in my eyes (2016 - Remaster) 5:00
5 - Shadows of grief (2016 - Remaster) 8:41
6 - What should be done (2016 - Remaster) 4:13
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Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - I wanna be free (Alternative Mix) 4:19
2 - Tears in my eyes (Alternative Mix) 5:55
3 - What should be done (Alternative Mix) 4:35
4 - Shadows of grief (Alternative Mix) 9:33
5 - Look at yourself (Alternative Mix) 5:14
6 - July morning (Alternative Mix) 11:18
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