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Trouver plus de SHAKING GODSPEED

Heavy rock psychédélique avec influences blues!

Plus d'info:

?If you want to be as cool as your heroes, don?t be like them.?
Wout Kemkens, singer/guitarist of Shaking Godspeed, takes this quote to heart.
Maybe that?s why their new album ?HOERA? sounds like the cure for the catatonic state of ?guitar music? today, wherein most bands strictly follow the blueprint which has been laid out by the pioneers. Well, Shaking Godspeed certainly doesn?t forget to add something of themselves in the mix.
Kemkens: "When I enter the studio with a piece of music and Paul
(organ/bassguitar) and Maarten (drums) tell me that it reminds them of another band or song, the fun is over for me. Within the existing rock&roll conventions I want to create something different and surprise people with new melodies and an unusual approach. In Paul and Maarten I found two like-minded people. We don?t necessarily want to please people with our music, we want to surprise and confuse them, just like our favorite artists do to us.??
This might be an important reason why listening to ?HOERA? is an experience you will remember. The subtle interplay between dissonant and consonant tones, melody and raw power combined with good songwriting and a ?classic? rock&roll/blues feel is truly refreshing and familiar at the same time. Within their short existence of two and a half years the group has released one EP and two full length albums. The 2011-album ?AWE? led to raving reviews in The Netherlands and 150+ shows at tiny wine cellars in France, rockbars in Spain and Germany, big festivals like Sziget (Hungary), ?big? club shows and festivals in their home country and as a special highlight supporting Deep Purple and recently Rival Sons for some shows.
This special edition contains both full lengths albums ?HOERA? and ?AWE?!

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - I Wonder 3:19
2 - Hoera 3:29
3 - French Girls 2:51
4 - Season's Over 2:58
5 - Jesus 4:07
6 - Gong Gong 3:34
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Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Godspeed 3:21
2 - X-Ray Eyes 2:54
3 - We're Under Attack, So I've Heard 2:09
4 - High Hopes / High Times 5:46
5 - People Wait, People Listen 7:46
6 - Don't Have Time 4:58
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