KREATOR Extreme aggression REMASTERED

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KREATOR - Extreme aggression REMASTERED
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"Extreme aggression" (1989) is the fourth studio album by KREATOR and marks a change in both artwork and sound. The reissue in shape of a remastered double disc features 14 bonus tracks, the live cut "Live in East Berlin 1990" and overhauled artwork!

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The Fourth album by Kreator, Extreme Aggression was released in 1989. This album introduced many American fans to Kreator, primarily through heavy rotation of the "Betrayer" music video on MTV's Headbangers Ball, which was partly shot at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. On Extreme Aggression, Kreator closes the '80s by delivering their final thrash triumph. With the most hallowed Kreator line-up joining forces once again to follow up the spectacular Terrible Certainty. The results are fierce and noisy on this 1989 Epic release. Extreme Aggression quickly became their biggest seller yet, and the subsequent North American tour with Suicidal Tendencies introduced the band to many new friends. This version contains a show recorded in Berlin in 1990 that showcases the band in full flight.

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Extreme Aggressions 4:44
2 - No Reason To Exist 4:37
3 - Love Us Or Hate Us 3:42
4 - Stream Of Consciousness 3:53
5 - Some Pain Will Last 5:39
6 - Betrayer 3:59
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Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Some Pain Will Last (Live In East Berlin 1990) 5:40
2 - Extreme Aggression (Live In East Berlin 1990) 5:23
3 - Under The Guillotine (Live In East Berlin 1990) 4:27
4 - Toxic Trace (Live In East Berlin 1990) 4:21
5 - Bringer Of Torture (Live In East Berlin 1990) 2:26
6 - Pleasure To Kill (Live In East Berlin 1990) 5:44
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