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Comments David DeFeis: "It is an honor, and it is my great pleasure, to be able to re-release with SPV the two 'Marriage Of Heaven and Hell' albums and the 'Invictus' album this year. These albums loom large in our catalogue, and so much of our blood, sweat and history can be found within the fabric of these works. Originally on the bonus disc for 'Invictus' we had planned to issue this new 19-song 'Ghost Harvest' collection that I had spoken about in the latest interviews. That plan has changed. 'Ghost Harvest', which has now grown into more than one CD at this time, will instead be included in the upcoming box set, and the bonus disc inside 'Invictus', which bears the title 'Fire Spirits', will contain over-the-top acoustic versions of various songs mainly taken from 'The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell' and 'Invictus' albums (but a few others appear as well). It will also contain a brand new track recorded this week."

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - The Blood Of Vengeance 1:53
2 - Invictus 5:35
3 - Mind, Body, Spirit 7:19
4 - In The Arms Of The Death God 1:19
5 - Through Blood And Fire 5:30
6 - Sword Of The Gods 7:34
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Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - A Whisper Of Death (Intro) 1:58
2 - Unholy water 3:42
3 - Trail of tears 3:56
4 - Rising unchained 3:04
5 - Veni vidi vici 6:18
6 - Defiance 3:34
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