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  • CD-Digi + DVD - 18,99 EUR
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  • Format:CD-Digi + DVD
  • Genre:Mittelalter / Folk
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Trouver plus de ELUVEITIE

Des origins celtiques et du folk metal passionant – la première édition limitée en digibook inclut un DVD bonus avec clips vidéo et documentaires!

Plus d'info:

Initially formed back in 2002 as a mere studio project by main man and mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann. His vision was to create a blend of Gothenburg styled melodic death metal with ancient folk melodies and themes that would soon become the “New Wave Of Folk Metal”. Now, more than 12 years on, ELUVEITIE have established themselves as the most successful Swiss metal act to date.

Ten years into their career, ELUVEITIE released their critically acclaimed fifth studio-album »Helvetios« (2012), followed by their 10 year anniversary compilation, »The Early Years« (2012). The band toured relentlessly through North America, Europe, South America, Australia and Asia in support of »Helvetios«, alongside bands like WINTERSUN, CHILDREN OF BODOM and SABATON; and the album charted all over the world; #3 in the Billboard Heatseekers Chart (USA), #4 in Switzerland, #6 Canada Hard Music, #7 USA Hard Music, #27 in Germany and #34 Austria).

The current incarnation of the band features two new members: Guitarist Rafael Salzmann, who took over strings in summer 2012 for Simeon “Sime” Koch and Nicole Ansperger who replaced long-time member and violinist Meri Tadic.

With the new line-up solidified, ELUVEITIE made history this year as they become the first ever metal band to receive an award at the renowned Swiss Music Awards - the Swiss Grammy Awards equivalent. The band won the 'Best Live Act National' category, an entirely audience- voted award. Since taking home their Swiss Music Award, ELUVEITIE entered Swiss New Sound Studio to work on their sixth studio album, »Origins«. The band decided to work with legendary producer Tommy Vetterli (KREATOR, CORONER).

»Origins« deals with the Celtic mythology, “or to be more precise, with aetiological tales from Gaul”, commented vocalist and front man Chrigel Glanzmann. Glanzmann also created the album artwork for this new offering and goes on to explain: “The album cover of »Origins« is designed after the hammer/club-shaped 'halo' of Sucellos, as seen on a statue that was found in a shrine of a gallo-roman household in today's France. It was created under the scientific supervision of experts from the University of Zürich“.

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Origins (Intro) 2:13
2 - The Nameless 4:12
3 - From Darkness 4:11
4 - Celtos 3:57
5 - Virunus 4:51
6 - Nothing (Intermezzo) 0:57
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Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - The Call Of The Mountains 4:15
2 - King 4:33
3 - Interview 10:00
4 - The Uprising (Live at Feuertanzfestival 2013) 3:42
5 - Uxellodunon (Live at Feuertanzfestival 2013) 4:01
6 - Havoc (Live at Feuertanzfestival 2013) 4:39
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