new album & re-release

new album & re-release - 2002-09-20

2002-09-20 - To all Raise Hell-Fans out there and to those that soon will become addicted to this band; "WICKED IS MY GAME" will be released the 21th October, and on the same day, there'll be the re-release of their albums on one CD, of course also for the price of only one CD, featuring full lyrics etc.

Also, they'll soon have their website up and running which can be found under this adress (it's still in construction at the moment):

To end with, here's a little excerpt of an interview that will be featured in our upcoming mailorder catalogue, answers by drummer Dennis Ekdahl:

I'm sure the fans are curious to know what you've been up to during the past two years..

"We had a break after the Destruction tour cause we needed a break after rehearsing everyday! Then we just started slowly to get back and writing material! We didn’t want to just stress this album out, we wanted this album to come out much stronger than the previous ones!"

Are there any special goals perhaps that you've set yourself with this 3rd album?

"Yes! We really want to give this album the promotion it deserves and to tour countries we never been to! For the last album we didn’t involve ourselves so much in promotion etc.. but so far we have got a great response of the album and we will do everything in our power for it!! It’s a really special feeling to be able to release a third album and I think that it gives you a totally new fire to it!"

Where do you see the differences between Not Dead Yet and Wicked Is My Game?

"I think that “Not dead yet” is a much more easier album! I mean we changed at least half the album in the studio and that made us unable to give 100% in the studio! We are still satisfied with “Not dead yet” and I think that people have it easier to get into that album than “Wicked is my game”! But the biggest difference between the albums is that we weren’t afraid to experiment at all and the songs are much more mature and every song has a very deep meaning for us!! I think that what we tried to accomplish on NDY is what we did on “Wicked is my game”!"

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