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SONATA ARCTICA - The Days of Grays

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“Our own thing was speed at a certain point, years and years back, but we've gone back to where we started in some ways, which was more rock/hardrock/heavyrock/ pop/whattafuckever and mixed in all kinds of elements from different areas of music we enjoy.” Tony Kakko, 2009

The band´s recorded their newest masterpiece called “The Days Of Grays”, an epic record full of traditional Sonata trademarks as well as new tunes and tones; to put it quite simple, it´s become an amazingly good album which once more shows the power of Sonata Arctica as they have proved their uniqueness by writing complex, straight-forward yet very catchy music. The artwork was done by Toxicangel, who already worked with bands such as Nightwish.

“ The Days Of Grays” is about a lot of death and difficult subject. The necessary gray areas. F'd up relationships etc. It also offers a view to some aspects of this world thru my eyes and naturally some ...well, stories. Just stories, no different than any other fiction piece you may find, with some historic spices.” Says mastermind Tony Kakko.

With six gold discs and one DVD award and multiple sold-out tours Sonata Arctica has got its hands tightly attached to the history of Finnish metal music - and more will definately be achieved in the future!

The band is to hit the road in Europe in Fall 2009 again!

The Digipak contains an additional Orchestral CD:

01. Deathaura
02. The Last Amazing Grays
03. Flag In The Ground
04. Juliet
05. As If The World Wasn’t Ending
06. The Truth Is Out There
07. In The Dark

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Everything Fades To Gray (Instrumental) 3:06
2 - Deathaura 7:58
3 - The Last Amazing Grays 5:40
4 - Flag In The Ground 4:08
5 - Breathing 3:55
6 - Zeroes 4:23
7 - The Dead Skin 6:14
8 - Juliet 5:59
9 - No Dream Can Heal A Broken Heart 4:33
10 - As If The World Wasn’t Ending 3:49
11 - The Truth Is Out There 5:03
12 - Everything Fades To Gray (full version) 4:32
13 - In The Dark (Bonus track) 5:21

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