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'Skyforger' is as epic, absorbing, and solemn as the tales that it is based on. Amorphis have reached new heights, for them the sky is ‘not’ the limit, it’s just the beginning of a new journey. TERRORIZER UK

After the great comeback success with new singer Tomi Joutsen and magnificient album "Eclipse" in 2006, AMORPHIS once more dig deep in the Finnish national epic Kalevala, creating another dark and beautiful masterpiece: “Skyforger”. The follow-up to the "Eclipse" and "Silent Waters" albums, both of which were certified gold in the band's native Finland, a feat not yet accomplished by any AMORPHIS album of the pre-Tomi Joutsen era, was recorded at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki.

“Skyforger is a strong and unified entity. This is without doubt the most musical record we have done so far. It is based on a coherent theme again, so we are continuing along the lines of the previous album.” commented AMORPHIS guitarist Esa Holopainen the new album.

Shining with exquisite vocals between clean melancholy and powerful growls plus gorgeous folkloristic melodies embedded in straight Rock outfits, "Skyforger" pleases with songs like the wonderful up-tempo song 'Sky Is Mine', the touching single `Silver Bride`and the stirring 'Majestic Beast'. A strong and pithy, yet sensitive album, emphasizing AMORPHIS' status as one of the most outstanding Rock acts nowadays.

Founded in Helsinki back in 1990, AMORPHIS constantly worked their way up, developing from a harsh Death Metal band into a serious Rock group. The big break-through came in 1994 with their last really extreme album "Tales From The Thousand Lakes“, scoring a big coup in the worldwide Metal scene. After intensive touring, AMORPHIS decided to discover new musical grounds and hired Pasi Koskinen, who additionally worked with clean vocals, as new singer, leaving guitarist and former singer Tomi Koivusaari the chance to focus more on his six string work. In 1996, AMORPHIS released "Elegy", a Progressive / Folk Metal masterpiece which even managed to climb to # 67 in the German album charts. Three years later, "Tuonela" showed up, combining Modern Rock music with Finnish character and psychedelic 70s influences. A highly successful mix that even topped the triumph of "Elegy", achieving a brilliant # 46 in the German charts again. Following tours, among them a headliner trip with labelmates THE KOVENANT through the USA, left thrilled visitors and even more fans. "Am Universum" was added to the discography in 2001, opening up a new chapter in AMORPHIS' sound with featured electronic soundscapes and saxophone parts. Follow-up "Far From The Sun" eventually fascinated with a PINK FLOYD-esque touch and relaxed atmosphere, but also some more harder Metal elements back from the old days. Many fans hailed the album as the best since the legendary "Elegy".

It was in 2004 when singer Pasi Koskinen decided to leave AMORPHIS due to personal reasons, leaving the band with the hard task to find a new frontman. Tomi Joutsen from the Finnish act SINISTHRA turned out to be the perfectly right choice: Thanks to him and the again integrated mix of growls and soft vocals, AMORPHIS' music got spiced up immensely, leading the band into a second spring. New album "Eclipse" gained brilliant reviews worldwide and, along with single "House Of Sleep", even topped the Finnish charts for the first time in the band's career!

The successor to “Eclipse” was released in August 2007. “Silent Waters” again drew on the Kalevala for inspiration, recounting the tale of Lemminkäinen’s hunt for the Swan of Tuonela. Unlike earlier Amorphis records, which often differed radically from one to the next, “Eclipse” and “Silent Waters” mostly share same musical ingredients. Nevertheless each of the two has a distinct atmosphere of its own, gracefully captured in the outstanding cover artwork by renowned US artist Travis Smith, who also was responsible for the artwork of “Skyforger”. The remainder of 2007 was spent on the road in northern and central Europe as well as Russia and Japan, whereas 2008 found the band in southeastern Europe, at a multitude of summer festivals and, during the fall, in the USA and Canada.

Early 2008, “Eclipse” and “Silent Waters” had been certified Gold status for the sales of 15.000 copies each in Finland and were presented to the band at the Finnish Metal Expo on February 15. The gold discs are the first ever in the almost 19-year history of AMORPHIS. As Esa stated at the presentation - “a minor occasion for the music industry, but a major achievement for us!”

In November 2008 AMORPHIS retreated to the studio again to record their ninth album, “Skyforger”, due for release in May 2009. With their strongest line-up ever, AMORPHIS are ready to conquer ever new ground - never confining their style to any definite shape, yet always instantly recognizable, always true to their own vision, and always unique.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Sampo 6:08
2 - Silver Bride 4:13
3 - From The Heaven Of My Heart 5:20
4 - Sky Is Mine 4:20
5 - Majestic Beast 4:19
6 - My Sun 4:04
7 - Highest Star 4:44
8 - Skyforger 5:15
9 - Course Of Fate 4:15
10 - From Earth I Rose 5:04

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