LIQUIDO - Zoomcraft

Sortie le: 2008-03-14

Really exciting nightlife evenings are not only rare but memorable. Accessing a cool club – as VIP of course, getting infected by the atmosphere of the party and letting it cast a spell over oneself. Party till the break of dawn and trying to come down slowly. After a night like this your brain is doing it´s imaginary photogrphic album full of snapshots, you don´t want to lose again. LIQUIDO are focussing on these snapshots on their newest effort. It´s a concept album, as thrilling, multifaceted and exciting like this mentioned nightlife evening. "Zoomcraft" is the name and it puts it in a nutshell. An album that has the skills to zoom in these memorable moments. "Zoomcraft" is subdivided into three chapters – so-called "Zoomlevels" and was bulit from Dezember 2006 to August 2007. The first level, the listener enters the VIP lounge of an electro club. The musical scenery is corresponding. Electronic, minted by dominnant beats, but still full of punching guitars. Rock songs in a club sound, like you never heard before from LIQUIDO. In the second level, the songs are more spheric and colorful. The music leaves enough space for own interpretations and your own dance moves. The last level is the "cooldown". LIQUDIO are taking a step back to roots without denying the electronic costume of the rest of the album. Bass player Stefan Schulte-Holthaus comments: "After ten years of band history, it was important to us, to challenge the band music-wise. Other as in the past, we haven´t written the songs completely in our rehearsal room. We gave them the electronical outfit in the studo, but the final interpretation had to surprise ourselves." This new album was produced by Jochen Schmalbach who alse produced acts like DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER. The coverartword was done the famous AS1 who also did covers for bands like TALIB KWELI or GOLDIE. "Zoomcraft" features 14 songs – 13 new songs and a re-recording of "Agree To Stay", a b-side from the legendary "Narcotic"-Single. One of the new songs is the single "Gameboy" – a strong track with an amazing chorus. The band itself describes LIQUIDO in 2008 like this: "We´re in the middle of a cool House-Electro-Club with sweaty clothes and a electric guitar in our hands!" – Make sure to check out "Zoomcraft" as the album is one of the most intense records you will hear this year!

Liste des titres
1 - Zoomlevel 1.0: Acting Large
2 - Drop Your Pants
3 - A One Song Band
4 - 2 Square Meters
5 - Pop The Bottle
6 - Beyond The Turmoil
7 - On A Mission
8 - Zoomlevel 2.0: Flying High
9 - Hypocrite
10 - Way To Mars
11 - Gameboy
12 - Mercury
13 - Zoomlevel 3.0: The Afterglow
14 - We Are Them
15 - Best Strategy
16 - Easy
17 - Agree To Stay