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Legacy Of Kings


HAMMERFALL - Legacy Of Kings

Sortie le: 1998-09-28

The hammer has fallen!!!Barely one year since the sensational debut album "Glory to the brave" the band, with their exceptional singer Joacim Cans and guitarist Oscar Dronjak, is back with a venegance.As the band is considered as a symbol of the rebirth of Heavy Metal, they were under enormous pressure when making the new album - but they managed to cope with style. "Legacy of kings" is a 100% improvement on the first album, which in parts came over as being clumsy."Legacy of kings" sounds much more mature and thought out without losing the charm of the debut. From songs like the single "Heeding the call", the pounding "Let the hammer fall" or the absolutely brilliant "Dreamland", we can presume that the potential of these 5 guys and guest songwriter, Jesper Strömblad (IN FLAMES), from Sweden will not be used up for a long time to come. In future we can look forward to a lot more from the "Gothenburger’s" camp.The track "At the end of the rainbow", which was composed together with ex-STORMWITCH vocalist Andy Mück and which includes a guitar solo by WARLORD mainman Bill Tsamis, is the band’s most commercial song to date and is bound to be a hit in the clubs and live.With this album HAMMERFALL ensures that Metal is more alive than ever before - and thanks to bands like this will never die.LONG LIVE TRUE GERMAN HEAVY METAL FROM SWEDEN!!!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Heeding The Call 4:30
2 - Legacy Of Kings 4:13
3 - Let The Hammer Fall 4:16
4 - Dreamland 5:42
5 - Remember Yesterday 5:05
6 - At The End Of The Rainbow 4:05
7 - Back To Back 3:39
8 - Stronger Than All 4:29
9 - Warriors Of Faith 4:45
10 - The Fallen One 4:23
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