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Lost In Space Pt. 2


AVANTASIA - Lost In Space Pt. 2

Sortie le: 2007-11-16

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Tobias Sammet is back on track with AVANTASIA! After five years of Silence, the EDGUY mastermind decided to reanimate his very own project AVANTASIA and record a follow up to the highly appraised Metal Opera, that Tobi released in 2001 (Part 1) and 2002 (Part 2).

For many people, this Metal Opera was the inofficial but worthy successor to Helloweens "Keeper Of The Seven Keys" Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. His new project, the album "The Scarecrow" is maybe the most ambitious that Tobi ever touched. Just read the list of participants and your knees will tremble: Eric Singer from KISS on drums and vocals, Guest Vocals by Amanda Somverville, Jorn Lande, Alice Cooper, Michael Kiske, Bob Catley and Guest Guitar parts by Rudolf Schenker. A legendary combination!

As an appetizer, two EPs are on their way, before the album will crush the metal world in early 2008. "Lost In Space" is the title track of both EPs, but otherwise the content is completely different and exclusive. Except for one song and title track, none of them will appear on the "The Scarecrow"!

Value for money – for sure!"Lost In Space" is without doubt among the catchiest tunes, that you will get to hear in 2007! A good time rock´n´roll song with a chorus as huge as two continets. Impressive – after the first spin, you will never ever get this song out of your head. And thats good! With this new era of AVANTASIA, Tobi offers everything from Hard Rock, Stadium Rock, Rock´n´Roll, New Rock to Melodic metal and even Speed Metal – stuff to dream too, stuff to bang your head too.
AVANTASIA will prevail! No doubt about it.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Lost In Space (feat. Amanda Somerville)
2 - Promised Land (feat. Jorn Lande & Michael Kiske)
3 - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
4 - Scary Eyes
5 - In My Defense
6 - Lost In Space (Alternate Version – feat. Amanda Somerville)