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Something Wild


CHILDREN OF BODOM - Something Wild

Sortie le: 1997-02-16

CHILDREN OF BODOM hail from Espoo, Finland, and were orignally formed under a different name during spring 1993. In Espoo one can find the infamous Lake Bodom, where the rawest murders in the history of Finnish crime were committed in the late 60’s. The musical style of the band has gone through a lot of changes during the first years. They started as a Death/Thrash band, but after a while they started to play their current Black/Death with lots of classic Heavy Metal influences.In August 1997 the lead guitarist/vocalist Alexi Laiho joined the kings of Finnish Dark/Black Metal, THY SERPENT, as a new lead guitarist. This was whole new start for Alexi’s own band too: The boss of THY SERPENT, Sami Tenetz, visited the Spinefarm offices one day with the raw mix of just recorded CHILDREN OF BODOM debut album, and the three-album deal was inked basically the next day!!!!The band were also featured on Spinefarm’s "METALLILITTO"-compilation (released in October 1997), and got a great response with their track "Deadnight Warrior". The compilation has already sold over 5500 copies in Finland. The new THY SERPENT album, with Alexi Laiho on lead guitar, will be released in late spring’98. After their debut album "Something wild" was released in Finland (November 1997), things started to happen to the band pretty fast. They played a couple of really wild shows (they also supported DIMMU BORGIR in their Helsinki show in November’97) and were hailed as the new kings of finnish underground metal by both the radio and the press. Also, the licensing deal with NUCLEAR BLAST for central Europe was inked, and the debut album "Something wild" will be also released in Japan and in Thailand during early 1998.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Deadnight Warrior 3:21
2 - In the shadows 6:01
3 - Red light in my eyes Part 1 4:28
4 - Red light in my eyes Part 2 3:50
5 - Lake Bodom 4:01
6 - The Nail 6:17
7 - Touch like angel of death 7:49