HAMMERFALL - Threshold

Sortie le: 2006-10-20

Less than one year after their last strike "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken", the Swedish Heavy Metal kings HAMMERFALL are back with their best album to date. "Threshold" is once again the best lesson in steel money can buy. HAMMERFALL have written some of the most interesting songs in their entire career but have managed to sound varied but without ignoring the purity that True Heavy Metal requires. Once again, the band used Charlie Bauerfeind as a producer (BLIND GUARDIAN, HELLOWEEN). Quite naturally, the sound of "Threshold" is powerful, dark and as clear as crystal. Songs like the dynamic title track, which is also the opener of the record, or "The Fire Burns Forever" show their full quality at a maximum volume. Guitarist and main songwriter Oscar Dronjak comments: "Our goal was to get a production as heavy and energetic as we had on the previous albums, but still improve it, along with the performance, even more. Musically, we built on the foundation of our previous work and developed the sound, and perhaps brought back some of the speed, without losing the heaviness and the groove, of course. HAMMERFALL is, and always will be, a Heavy Metal band." And talking of "The Fire Burns Forever": HAMMERFALL wrote this track for the 19th European Athletics’ Championships, which took place in Gothenburg, Sweden this August. HAMMERFALL performed the track live at the opening ceremony which was broadcasted on TV in over 54 (!) countries. The Band even shot a video together with some of the Swedish athletes for this track. Similar to this video, HAMMERFALL did the same thing with the Swedish Olympic curling team for "Hearts On Fire" which helped the team to win gold. This is not the end of the collaborations with sportsmen: Singer Joacim Cans already announced that HAMMERFALL will work out something with the Swedish hockey team soon. Something to look forward too! Back to "Threshold"… The first single will be "Natural High" - a catchy and typical HAMMERFALL hymn which is set to please every fan. The band has also shoot a "real" video for this track, and the single is blessed with some rare bonus tracks. This is set to be released approx a month before the album release. "Threshold" truly is a new step to world domination for HAMMERFALL.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Threshold 4:43
2 - The Fire Burns Forever 3:20
3 - Rebel Inside 3:20
4 - Natural High 4:13
5 - Dark Wings, Dark Words 5:01
6 - Howlin' With The 'Pac 4:04
7 - Shadow Empire 5:13
8 - Carved In Stone 6:10
9 - Reign Of The Hammer 2:48
10 - Genocide 4:41
11 - Titan 4:24
12 - Natural High (Videoclip)
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