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Doomsday Rock 'n' Roll


CHROME DIVISION - Doomsday Rock 'n' Roll

Sortie le: 2006-07-21

The moniker of this CHROME DIVISION album says it all: devilishly dirty Rock`n`Roll straight out of Norway!

CHROME DIVISION boasts a lineup that consists of some of Norway’s finest and well-known Metal musicians: Shagrath, usually the grim and infamous vocalist of Black Metal gods DIMMU BORGIR, lets out his unexposed side as the axe-wielding rock’n’roller. During the summer of ’04, he summoned his longtime friends Lex Icon (THE KOVENANT, ex- DIMMU BORGIR) and Luna of ASHES TO ASHES respectively on drums and bass guitar. After months of beer drinking and rehearsing, the band took shape and CHROME DIVISION was formed.

When the task of finding the right vocalist came along, Eddie Guz, frontman of the Norwegian R’n’R sensation THE CARBURETORS, proved to be the only one who could meet the demands from the guys – and the only one who had the right in-your-face attitude!!! Guitarist Ricky Black and his fierce guitar solos were the last missing ingredients to complete this hellish cocktail.

In the summer of 2005, drummer Lex Icon had to leave the band and was replaced by Tony White, of MINAS TIRITH fame.

CHROME DIVISION finally entered the Panzer studios in Oslo in December 2005 to create a true monster of an album. Produced by Björn Bergersen, the guys deliver 12 songs in unique Doomsday Rock’n Roll-style that are the musical equivalent to the smell of hot leather and burning rubber!!!! Just listen to ass-kicking grenades like „Hate“ – it will make you wanna climb in your hot rod and put the pedal to the metal!!!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Doomsday Overture 1:30
2 - Serial Killer 3:45
3 - Hate 3:49
4 - Trouble With The Law 4:43
5 - Chrome Division 3:50
6 - Here Comes Another One 3:03
7 - 1st Regiment 5:24
8 - Breath Easy 3:46
9 - The Angel Falls 4:16
10 - Till The Break Of Dawn 3:29
11 - We Want More 6:16
12 - When The Shit Hits The Fan 2:07

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