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MESHUGGAH - Catch Thirty Three

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"One of the ten most important hard and heavy bands“; that’s how the prestigious Rolling Stone Magazine describes Swedish sonic extremists MESHUGGAH. It is impossible to talk about experimental or avant-garde metal without mentioning this truly groundbreaking act: MESHUGGAH mix ultra-complicated rhythmic patterns with massive riffs and aggressive growls, combining Death Metal, Grindcore, Mathcore, Thrash and Progressive Metal to create their unique style. Trying to categorize MESHUGGAH? Think again… Manic low-tuned riffs repeated in seemingly endless loops, desperate and aggressive growls and screams, and drum fills and patterns from another dimension – these are some of the traits of character of „Catch Thirty-Three“, MESHUGGAH`S latest attack on the central nervous system.

Nobody could ever compare MESHUGGAH`S music to a walk in the park – a slaughter in the park is more of a fitting comparison! A perfect example for this fine piece of Swedish madness is the opening track “Autonomy Lost“: without caring for things like intros, a slow start or other niceties, MESHUGGAH immediately deliver exactly their full-tilt blaze of brutality and insanity! Using programmed drums for the first time in their career, MESHUGGAH`S sound hasn’t weakened a single bit – if possible, it has even gained more aggression while coming across with an harsher and colder edge. Combining sinister and disturbing interludes with the sheer riff-massacre of tracks like „Shed“, „Catch Thirty-Three“ and its bitter lyrical concept is food for seriously disturbing pictures in your head. „Like the way you would watch a movie“, MESHUGGAH recommend to percieve their new body of work.

It has been a long, long way for MESHUGGAH from their first steps into the world of all things audibly sick and twisted with their 1989 vinyl-only release "Psykisk Testbild“ (now a highly sought-after gem for MESHUGGAH fans) up to their latest bone-crushing release, "Catch Thirty-Three“.
In 1991, a broader audience took notice of a monster called MESHUGGAH when the self-titled debut mini-LP was released, shortly after followed by debut album "Contradictions Collapse“. "None“ and the classic EP "Selfcaged“ were next, but it wasn`t until 1995 and MESHUGGAH`S masterpiece album "Destroy Erase Improve“ that almost the whole metal scene stood up in amazement and faced this incredible new force coming from Sweden.
"Chaosphere“ saw the band touring with Thrash Metal gods SLAYER in America and further established MESHUGGAH`S status as „next big thing“. After the release of the rarities and demo collection "Rare Trax“, the band returned to America in support of their album "Nothing“ this time playing in front of stunned "Ozzfest“ crowds. Needless to say – MESHUGGAH had conquered the U.S., just like they had conquered Europe before.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Autonomy Lost 1:40
2 - Imprint Of The Un-Saved 1:36
3 - Disenchantment 1:44
4 - The Paradoxial Spiral 3:11
5 - Re-Inanimate 1:04
6 - Entrapment 2:28
7 - Mind's Mirrors 4:29
8 - In Death - Is Life 2:01
9 - In Death - Is Death 13:22
10 - Shed 3:34
11 - Personae Non Gratae 1:47
12 - Dehumanization 2:55
13 - Sum 7:18

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