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Beautiful Awakening


PRIMEsth - Beautiful Awakening

Sortie le: 2004-04-05

Sweden’s PRIME STH are one of the first addresses when it comes to tight and melodic rock music. With their debut album “Underneath The Surface”, the four young guys from Stockholm attracted a lot of attention back in 2001: The elegant mixture of tasteful but not too soft guitars and charming vocals made quite an impact and established PRIME STH as serious newcomers in the genre of bands like NICKELBACK and PUDDLE OF MUDD. Especially the band’s faible for American and British pop and rock sounds made their style so unique and timeless and tunes of songs like ‘I’m Stupid (Don’t Worry ‘bout Me)’ or ‘I Don’t Envy You’ showed the great potential of PRIME STH straight out. New Rock on a brilliant level no other European band could come up to. With “Beautiful Awakening” the story of success goes on: Sensibility and power, thoroughgoingness and briskness combined to a mature record with eleven tight rock songs that touch heart and mind. Tracks like ‘Pieces’ and ‘Fishbowl’ are already hot aspirants for the alternative rock hymns of the year 2004. Noa, Martin, Jesper and Kasper made their first musical steps at the age of 12 and 13. First the friends only played tunes of AC/DC and IRON MAIDEN, but soon switched over to write own songs. In strive to create music that sounds more American-like than Swedish, PRIME STH soon found their very own style: Dark and melodic rock in the vein of NICKELBACK, but always with a slightly noble pop touch. The band’s first four-track EP showed up in 1994, but due to problems within their then-record company, PRIME STH could start recording the debut album “Underneath The Surface” not until late 1999. But waiting and working paid off: As soon as some American labels heard material from “Underneath The Surface”, they invited PRIME STH to Los Angeles for auditioning – which ultimately resulted in a deal with Giant Records. The feeling between label and band was so great from the beginning on that PRIME STH even decided to move to Los Angeles and open a new chapter in their lives. “Underneath The Surface” was released in late summer 2001 in the USA, and the American audience embraced both band and album very warmly. But of course PRIME STH didn’t want to deprive their debut longplayer from the European public: A deal with Germany’s Rebelution Entertainment, a sublabel of Nuclear Blast Records, got signed for the European market soon. The album went in stores on 1st July 2002 along with the bonus tracks ‘Candy’ and ‘Blood And Roses’. The catchy singles “I Don’t Envy You” (mixed by star producer Andy Wallace who already worked with LINKING PARK, NIRVANA and SYSTEM OF A DOWN) and “I’m Stupid – Don’t Worry ‘bout Me” followed and gained huge resonance within the clubs and on the radio stations (#23 on the mainstream rock charts and #34 on the alternative radio charts in the US). Backed with all that superb feedback, PRIME STH started recording “Beautiful Awakening”, the next stroke of genius. Noa and Kasper produced the record by themselves at the Decibel Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, and all in all created a very organic and tight rock album ready to better “Underneath The Surface”. No fan of really good-made rock should miss the chance of experiencing these eleven gems of modern and touching guitar music. If you’re sick of all the average cross-over and rock bands that come and go every day, listen to PRIME STH, for those guys are here to stay, no replaceable cannon fodder of the music business! Get enlightened, get PRIME STH and enjoy your personal “Beautiful Awakening”!

Liste des titres
1 - This Time
2 - She´s In Hollywood
3 - Pieces
4 - Flame
5 - Part Of Me
6 - Beautiful Awakening
7 - Fishbowl
8 - All Of Us
9 - Silver Soul
10 - Hit The Ground
11 - Please