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ILLUMINATE - 10 x 10 Weiss

Sortie le: 2003-09-15

In March 1993, a tape named „Poesie“ occurred - the songs on it were released on various leading Alternative / Wave-samplers. This was the first musical output of ILLUMINATE - the creative head behind the project was Johannes Berthold, composer, musician and singer who pursued totally new ways of presentation (be it musically or live) as far as German dark and gloomy poetry was concerned. At that time, his companions on the road beyond the trodden path were Anja Krone (vocals) and Christian Olbert (performance). ILLUMINATE managed to intertwine classical elements, dance rhythms, electronic sound patches, and heavy guitars without ever losing their very own typical sound. Ten years later, the band has achieved a lot: 6 studio albums, altogether 100,000 sold units, world-wide performances, a huge fan base - ILLUMINATE are one of the most successful Alternative / Dark Wave bands in the German-speaking area. In 2003, which marks the band’s tenth anniversary - ILLUMINATE release two „Best Of“-CDs named „10x10“ (one with a black, one with a white cover). Each of them will contain not only remixed ILLUMINATE-classics, but various exclusive tracks and contributions of well-known surprise guests (among others, the German voice of Hannibal Lecter and Herbert Grönemeyer´s saxophone player will be heard).

Liste des titres
1 - Intro
2 - Ein Erwachen
3 - Stern der Ungeborenen
4 - Der Traum des Tänzers
5 - Leuchtfeuer
6 - Blütenstaub
7 - Leidenschaft
8 - Geheimes Leben
9 - Der Vampire des eigenen Herzens
10 - Kein Lächeln mehr