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Crimson Thunder


HAMMERFALL - Crimson Thunder

Sortie le: 2002-10-28

When we talk about today’s Heavy Metal scene, we have to talk about Sweden’s HAMMERFALL, which are one of the most important bands today. Crimson Thunder, their fourth studio album, will take the band to yet another level. With the ultra-heavy production of Charlie Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, Helloween et al), Crimson Thunder is a typical HAMMERFALL album, but even more heavy and aggressive than the previous efforts. The band has done their most diverse and professional album so far. Not one song is the other alike, yet they all share a common trait: heavy metal of the purest kind, created by people who love the music. HammerFall was founded by Oscar Dronjak (guitar) in 1993. He enlisted his friend Jesper Strömblad and later Joacim Cans (vocals) to create the songs for and record the legendary Glory To The Brave album. Since Jesper and two more members decided to concentrate on their other bands, Joacim and Oscar were left to replace the entire line-up even before the album was released. Stefan (guitar), Magnus (bass) and Patrik Räfling (drums) was brought into the fold, and Glory To The Brave became the album the metal scene needed and was waiting for: straight, hard-hitting songs that instantly became hymns and made everybody talk about the band. Although it was a hard period for metal, HAMMERFALL entered the German charts on position #38 and made everybody feel the power of heavy metal music once more. “A metal heart is hard to tear apart,” the band sang, and it rang true. HAMMERFALL became the most successful newcomer ever and made two more excellent records with Legacy of Kings (#15 in Germany) and Renegade (#17 in Germany). Anders Johansson (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force) replaced Patrik to complete the magical line-up for Renegade, and the band even received a gold record in their native Sweden (where it was #1 in the charts, beating out Madonna and Eminem). Their brand new single Hearts On Fire will be released on September 30th, followed by the album four weeks later on October 28th. Producer Charlie Bauerfeind has done a fantastic job to help create the band’s heaviest album to date. The album was recorded in three different studios to ensure that everything was being as good as it possibly could be. Apart from the classic HAMMERFALL hymn Hearts Of Fire, you will find many epic tracks, like the mid-tempo headbanger The Unforgiving Blade or the fast and anthem-like Trailblazers. The list continues with the mystic Chastain cover Angel Of Mercy, as well as the wonderful ballad Dream Comes True. This is an album each fan of classic, melodic Heavy Metal will definitely love! HAMMERFALL sets every metal heart on fire and makes your dreams come true once again.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Riders Of The Storm 4:34
2 - Hearts On Fire 3:51
3 - On The Edge 4:49
4 - Crimson Thunder 5:05
5 - Lore Of The Arcane 1:27
6 - Trailblazers 4:39
7 - Dreams Come True 4:02
8 - Angel Of Mercy 5:38
9 - The Unforgiving Blade 3:40
10 - In Memoriam 4:21
11 - Hero's Return 5:22
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