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Follow the reaper


CHILDREN OF BODOM - Follow the reaper

Sortie le: 2000-10-30

Finland’s finest melodic death metal band are back with their third chapter of torrid tales from the merky depths of the murderous Lake Bodom.„Follow The Reaper“ is the follow up to last year’s highly successful albums, „Hatebreeder“ and the limited edition live set, „Tokyo Warhearts“.

Their latest CD- single „ Hate Me !“ sold platinum in Finland , and all their previous singles have reached gold also.„Hatebreeder“ not only set standarts for others in their genre to try and match, but the live album indicated just how far Children of Bodom had come in such a short time, proving that they have become a tight unit and a killer live act.
They have already toured Europe four times and in spring next year you have the opportunity to have a look at them on the co-headlining tour with Primal Fear.In between these releases, guitarist/vocalist Alexi Laiho found time to write songs and play on the Sinergy album „ To Hell And Back“, while keyboardist Janne Wirman recorded an extraordinairy solo project „Unknown Soldier“, under the guise of Warmen, proving that Children Of Bodom are no one man show, with every member contributing to their unique sound.„Follow The Reaper“ also marks a radical change in recording surroundings. The band decided to venture into unknown territory and this time to record outside of Finland and chose Sweden’s legendary Abyss Studio’s , with the famed producer Peter Tägtgren ( Hypocrisy/Pain).

„Follow The Reaper“ is a glorious mixture of their debut album’s heavy riffing raw sound, combined with „Hatebreeder’s“ monsterous technical metal acrobatics.The most noticable thing is how much the band have improved not only as a unit, but also bringing the personal levels of musicianship to a new high.The nine new songs on offer represent Children Of Bodom at their finest.

Every song is a killer, there are no fillers, combining riffy and brutal, yet ,melodic songs, with an addictive hook, guaranteed to make you want to hear it over and over again.The most noticable change is that of the vocals of Alexi Laiho, his raw and brutal style remain intact, but this time even he manages a hint of melody, to propell that distinctive Bodom sound to new heights.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Follow The Reaper 3:47
2 - Bodom over midnight 3:43
3 - Children of decadence 5:34
4 - Every time I die 4:03
5 - Mask of sanity 3:58
6 - Taste of my scythe 3:58
7 - Hate me! 4:44
8 - Northern comfort 3:48
9 - Kissing the shadows 4:32