SKYCLAD - Folkémon

Sortie le: 2000-10-23

When Skyclad released their debut album "Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth" in '91, it was a big surprise for many. To put it simple; no Heavy Metal band ever dared to use an electric violin so far. The fans loved it right away from the beginning, and so the band easily could count on a large following within shortest time. With their "Irrational Anthems"-album (released in '95), they've been able to perfect their style, gain success everywhere and tour as headliner for enthusiastic crowds. With their seventh album "Oui Avant-Garde A Chance" (1996), they tried to concentrate on the rather folkloristic aspects of their music, therefore managed to win many new fans but also satisfy their old. The next album "The Answering Machine" again showed that Skyclad are always in for a surprise, as there were rarely any distorted guitars featured on it. With this album, they went on a very special tour, as they only played in bars and irish pubs. As expected (or not), the next album "Vintage Wine" then again was a big step back to the heavier side of Skyclad. With their new release, cult vocalist Martin Walkyier and his band now made a statement to show that they'll continue to focus on heavy guitars, without denying their folk-roots. Again, guitarist Kevin Ridley produced the album and managed to show Skyclad with "Folkemon" at their heaviest and best ever. Recorded in Timity Heights Studios in Newcastle, Skyclad also deliver their best production so far. Songs like "Think Back And Lie Of England", "Polkageist", "The Antibody Politic" or the rather hard and complex opener "The Great Brain Robbery" show that Skyclad follow the right path with their unique combination of heavy sounds with folk-elements. Thumbs up for Robin Hood and his companions from Sherwood Forest!

Liste des titres
1 - The great brain robbery
2 - Think back and lie of England
3 - Polkageist
4 - Crux of the message
5 - Disenchanted forest
6 - The antibody politic
7 - When God logs off
8 - You lost my memory
9 - Deja vu ain't what it used to be
10 - Any old irony?
11 - Bonus: Swords of a thousand men