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Sortie le: 2000-10-09

After the band HammerFall was formed in '96 by Oscar Dronjak and his friend Jesper Strömblad, their debut album "Glory To The Brave" marked a new beginning for the stagnating Metal-scene (it even entered the german charts at position 38!). By this time, Jesper already left the band, as he wanted to focus on his own band In Flames. With the line-up Joacim Cans (voice), Oscar Dronjak (guitar), Stefan Elmgren (guitar), Magnus Rosen (bass) and Patrick Räfling (drums), they succeeded also in getting a good reputation as live-band during several tours with bands like Gamma Ray. Therefore, their fans had high expectations, as the release of their second album "Legacy Of Kings" was announced for '98. And although the advance-single "Heeding The Call" reached position 48 in the single charts, the full-length album went beyond all expectations. A sensational 15th position was reached and suddenly Hammerfall were on the same level than big acts like Metallica, Manowar, Iron Maiden or Helloween; bands that already succeeded in entering the Top 20. With strengthened self-confidence, the band went on tour and again proved that they worked hard with as they delivered an improved stage performance. The tour was a big success, and right after, they recorded the Helloween-classic "I Want Out" together with Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, ex-Helloween), which entered the charts at position 75. Sadly, Patrick then decided to leave as the band needed too much time, but HammerFall were able to find a good replacement: Anders Johansson, who formerly played with acts like Yngwie Malmsteen or Dio. Together they went on a small festival tour (Gods Of Metal/Italy, Wacken Open Air and Bang Your Head/Germany), and then concentrated on writing new song material. You can listen to it now on "Renegade". Again, HammerFall were able to even top their previous album. Songs like "Destined For Glory", "Templars Of Steel" or the title track (already released as single CD) are sure classics that will be remembered in the Heavy Metal-Hall of Fame! Another great song is the ballad "Always Will Be", which shows Joacims finest vocal performance so far. But the absolute masterpiece might be "The Champion", a track that lives up to the description "catchy". This time, HammerFall decided to renounce a cover version, but therefore they recorded an instrumental track called "Raise The Hammer", which shows the full potential of Stefan's songwriting skills. After the first two albums had both been recorded in Göteborg (Studio Fredman), the band this time entered the Wire World Studios in Nashville/USA. Nobody less than producer legend Michael Wagener (Accept, Skid Row, Ozzy Osbourne and lots more) took care of "Renegade", and as expected, it turned out to be an absolutely convincing high-end production. Have a listen!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Renegade 5:24
2 - Templars Of Steel 4:39
3 - Keep The Flame Burning 4:21
4 - Renegade 4:42
5 - Living In Victory 4:49
6 - Always Will Be 4:06
7 - The Way Of The Warrior 5:09
8 - Destined For Glory 4:56
9 - The Champion 3:22
10 - Raise The Hammer 5:12
11 - A Legend Reborn
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