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Old and rusty? Whatever! Jack Slamer play 70’s Rock as if it was invented today - and this five piece band is just getting started. Album (2017) in hand and hailed as SRF-3-Best-Talent, they can already look back on countless shows and venues. Inspired by Rock’n’Roll’s greatest such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rival Sons, Monster Truck or DeWolff, these five childhood friends have slowly grown into the tight musical unit they are today. Guided by the spirits of old and energized by their own boundless playfulness, they are crashing into your neighbourhood like an unstoppable freight train.

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Jack Slamer hits it home everytime! They breath and live Rock’n’Roll with each fiber and won’t stop until even the very last member of the audience bobs their head in approval. They don’t give in to simple harmonies and celebrate their love of powerful guitar riffs with every chance they get.

Together they are what others aspire to be: the revival of true 70’s hard rock.