A few weeks ago, Victor Smolski presented his new band ALMANAC, following his passion for neo-classical, orchestral metal, to continue on the path that ended up with the LINGUA MORTRIS ORCHESTRA debut »LMO«.

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In comparison to RAGE, LMO offered fresh song material entirely composed by Smolski, a new musical concept combining Heavy Metal with Classical music, songs written especially for band & orchestra plus several male and female singers sharing the lead vocal job.

This successful story now continues with ALMANAC who add a powerful touch of heaviness to LMO’s unique sound. The Belarus-born guitarist with this new group is joined by former LMO band members Jeannette Marchewka (vocals) and the “Orquestra Barcelona Filharmonia” with Enric Garcia on keyboards. New members are Armin Alic on bass and Michael Kolar on drums. The two singers David Readman (PINK CREAM 69) and Andy B. Franck (BRAINSTORM) complete the line-up.

On their stunning debut »Tsar« they already turned to Russian history, thus complementing this musical success by a pleasantly unique background for once not speaking about Vikings, Celts or druids. The record caused quite a stir back in 2016. Musically, vocally and in regard to its content, the band reaches dizzying levels and comes with divine guitar work and untamed passion. The act of coming free from RAGE resulted in a band with big ambition.

That’s again mirrored in the unusual contents of the album »Kingslayer«. Stories of murdered kings, of despots and tyrants, framed by an invincible power metal performance. It should be clear by now: Against an album like »Kingslayer« even »Game of Thrones« doesn’t stand a chance. These true stories are more gripping, more legendary... and of course a lot bloodier!