When and how do I get hold of Blasts?

With every shipment of your order, Blasts are added to your customer account automatically, which you can convert with your next order.
Notice: These BLASTs cannot be transferred to a different customer’s account and thus cannot be redeemed in another shop.

How many Blasts do I get?

The amount of BLASTS you receive depend on the articles and can be seen in their description. Furthermore you can check the total amount of BLASTS that you will get in case of ordering.

What items can I pay with my BLASTS?

You can chose freely from our assortment! At the moment that’s a choice of more than 30,000 articles!

How do I convert my BLASTS?

As soon as you have enough BLASTS for the article you want, you just have to add it to your next order and at your wish we convert your BLASTS to payment for this article! Furthermore - given that you’re logged in – you can see your current amount of BLASTS in your shopping basket and exchange your BLASTS with accordant articles. Indeed you can convert your BLASTS when ordering on the telephone or sending us your orders, as well!

Where do I find out about my current amount of BLASTS?

As a registered online customer, you find out your current amount of BLASTS here in the “customer service center” anytime, or by calling +49 (0)7162 / 928026!

After you have collected a certain amount of BLASTs, you`ll receive a respective status. For the status awarding, all the BLASTs you have ever received will be considered – including the BLASTs you have already redeemed.

- Bronze status starting at 5.000 BLASTs
- Silver status starting at 15.000 BLASTs
- Gold status starting at 30.000 BLASTs

The amount of BLASTs that you receive with every order will also increase respectively.
For example: if you would usually get 100 BLASTs for an order, you`ll receive instead:

- Twice as many BLASTs with bronze status (200 BLASTs)
- Three times as many BLASTs with silver status (300 BLASTs)
- Four times as many BLASTs with gold status (400 BLASTs)

This means you`ll have significantly more BLASTs on your customer account in less time that you can redeem much faster accordingly! Or you continue collecting to redeem your BLASTs for more valuable products!