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Thrash Metal

"Thrash Metal came up at the beginning of the 1980s as a faster and more extreme type of Heavy Metal. Often, Thrash Metal is seen as the fusion of the energy and the speed of the Hardcore Punk with the techniques of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.
The original Thrash Metal featured a extremely fast riffing. Typical topics are politics and violence.
Generally, ""Kill Em All"" by Metallica and ""Show No Mercy"" by Slayer are often considered to be the birth albums of Thrash Metal. Those albums melted high speed with precision, a certain, then rudimental technique and - above all - loads of aggression.
As the most important scene the San Francisco Bay Area should be named which brought us bands like Metallica, Exodus, Testament or Death Angel and had a tremendous impact on the Thrash Metal."

Thrash Metal - Exodus
The Thrash Metal band Exodus.

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