The term Rock came into existance in the 1950s in the Anglo-American area. By this time it’s a widespread, successful and eclectic genre. Rock is the origin of many significant genres and has many variants. The roots of Rock can be found in the Gospel and Blues chants of Afro-American slaves and also in the Rhythm & Blues and Jazz. It’s hard to find a clear definition for Rock. There are too many variants of music genres including parts of it and in this way uncountable genres came into existence. Rock is constantly in a state of change for many years. In spite of that there are characteristics of a Rock musician as for example his feral portrayal, wild gestures on stage. A Rock band commonly features drums, guitars, bass and a singer. Often there is a keyboard added. Improvisation is the key for harmonious songs. Bands like Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who or Elvis Presley are responsible for the versatility of Rock and the possibility to reinvent Rock over and over.

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Hard Rock is a more hard played version of Rockmusic. The roots of Hard Rock are from the Psychadelic Rock of the 60's, the Blues Rock, the Rock 'n Roll and from Beatmusic. Between the middle of the 60's and the beginning of the 90's Hard Rock obtained huge popularity. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath are conidered to be the "forefathers" of Hard Rock. Led Zeppelin is deemed to be the most influential band of the Hard Rock genre among other bands like AC/DC, the Scorpions and KISS.

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Stoner Rock, sometimes also called Desert Rock, is a type of Rock Music. As formative for this kind of music is the Blues Rock as the base, tuned down guitars, often played over bass amps, rough singing voice, distinctive grooves and a generally bass oriented sound. The often strong contrasts between harder and the softer passages are typical, as well.
Stoner Rock came up at the beginning to the middle of the 1990s. Bands that are considered to be the ground this genre are for example Masters Of Reality and Yawning Man, since both had great influence of Kyuss, which are the overall definition of a Stoner Rock band today.
Palm Desert, California was considered as the Mekka of Stoner Rock, because the most important scene emerged there, bringing forth bandslike Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, Fu Manchu and other great bands of that genre.

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