Gothic Metal

Gothic Metal is a fusion of Metal and Gothic, which came up in the early 1990 in the UK and Scandinavia. It combined two genres which, until then, were said to be not combinable. Several Metal bands started to use elements within their Metal music which haven't been used until then, such as female voices or keyboards, as well as completely new song structures.
Often the Doom and Death Metal Underground of the early 1990s is named as origin. Paradise Lost already shot the starting with their album "Gothic" already in 1991, in which they integrated not only keyboards in there Death/Doom Metal, but female voices, as well.
After loads of bands filled that area of Gothic Metal between 1993 and 1997 it is rather difficult to offer a general description of this genre.
Today, bands are often categorized into this genre wrongly, due to their look or behaviour (which is similar to Gothic Metal Bands), but who are, musically speaking, not part of Gothic Metal.

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