Metalcore is a descendant of Hardcore Punk with elements of Extreme Metal. Metalcore bands represent the ideology of the Hardcore scene with the music of Extreme Metal. The lyrics occupy with politic and personal subjects contrasted to the more into violence occupied lyrics of Extreme Metal bands. The music of Metalcore is often characterized by hard guitar rifs with scream- vocals and melodic parts with clean- vocals. Another remarkable stylistic device is the using of break-downs which means very slow rhytm parts.


Deathcore is a modification of Metalcore which is using more Death Metal elements. The "inventors" of Deathcore are bands like Despised Icon, All Shall Perish and The Red Chord. Those bands began to use more Death Metal elements to change the sound.

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German Metalcore bands

There are a lot of Metalcore bands, some of them are from Germany.
German Metalcore bands:

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