Death Metal

Death Metal is a subgenre of Metal and one of the most extreme ones together with Black Metal and Thrash Metal. It was founded in the middle of the 1980's in the UK and USA. Pioneers of this style were bands like Morbid Angel, Possessed or Death with their leader Chuck Schuldiner who's called "The Godfather Of Death Metal". While in USA especially bands from Florida and New York gathered influence and also were simultaneously technical sophisticated. Later at the end of the 80's Death Metal grow more and more in Europe especially in Sweden with bands like Unleashed, Entombed or Grave. The musical style of Death Metal goes from slow, rolling riffs to high speed riffs. The guitar tunes are most often dropped on one note, frequently on two or more. Remarkable are also the sudden tempo and rhytm switches.

Death Metal bands

Melodic Death Metal

Melodic Death Metal was etblished in the beginning of the 90's especially in Götheborg. The pioneers in Melodic Death Metal are especially At The Gates. Today the most important representatives are In Flames and Dark Tranquility. Melodic Death Metal labels especially melodic parts and also get back to elements of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.

Melodic Death Metal bands

Examples of Melodic Death Metal bands:

Technical Death Metal

Technical Death Metal was founded in the early 90's in the USA and were also taken over to europe just a little bit later. The term summarize all bands who play technical sophisticated Death Metal. The influences can be different from Progressive Rock to Jazz or Classic Metal.

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