UNLEASHED Death Metal victory! 30th Anniversary SILVER VINYL

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UNLEASHED - Death Metal victory! 30th Anniversary SILVER VINYL
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"Death Metal victory" by Swedish Death Metal legends UNLEASHED is a 7 LP set celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary! Exclusively available at NUCLEAR BLAST mail order! Limited to 200 lush box sets! The first time all seven albums appear ("Where no life dwells", "Shadows in the deep", "Across the open sea", "Victory", "Warrior", "Hell's unleashed" und "Sworn allegiance") together on extra heavy 180g silver vinyl in a hardcover slipcase plus 36-page booklet!

More info:

Back in the late 80’s, a Swedish underground death metal band named Nihilist proved to be the breeding ground from which two of the most successful genre greats emerged: Entombed and Unleashed. Together with Grave and Dismember, these bands are crucial for turning the punkish Scandinavian death metal sound into a global phenomenon, defining and refining its stylistics, and making it a successful genre to this very day. Foundedin Stockholm in 1989 by vocalist and bassist Johnny Hedlund, Unleashed recorded demos "Revenge" and "Utter Dark", which got them a record deal with German label Century Media Records. In 1991, the band released their debut studio album, “Where No Life Dwells”, and toured with Morbid Angel in Europe and the United States. In 1992, Unleashed released their second studio album, “Shadows in the Deep”, including a cover version of Venom's "Countess Bathory". Their next studio albums were “Across the Open Sea” in 1993 and “Victory” in 1995, the latter being the last album which guitarist Fredrik Lindgren played on. He was replaced with Fredrik Folkare, who played guitar on the fifth Unleashed studio album “Warrior” in 1997. The band went on hiatus after 7–8 years of recording and touring. After reissues of the band's classics in 2002, the band released a new album called “Hell's Unleashed” in the same year, and they began to tour once again. In 2004, Unleashed released their seventh studio album, “Sworn Allegiance”. In October 2006, the band released their eighth studio album, “Midvinterblot”. Unleashed toured Europe in November 2006 as part of the Masters of Death tour, with Grave, Dismember, and Entombed. On February and March 2007, they headlined a North American tour with Krisiun and Belphegor. June 2008 saw the release of their ninth studio album entitled “Hammer Battalion”. On July 24, 2009 Unleashed signed a contract with German label Nuclear Blast Records for the release of their tenth album entitled “As Yggdrasil Trembles”. The band's 11th studio album “Odalheim” was released also on Nuclear Blast Records in April 2012, and their twelfth record “Dawn of the Nine” was released April 24, 2015. After signing with Austrian label Napalm Records, Unleashed released their thirteenth album “The Hunt for White Christ” in 2018.

Johnny Hedlund - Vocals Bass
Anders Schulz - Drums
Tomas Olson - Guitar
Fredrik Folkare - Guitar
Fredrik Lindgren - Guitar (until 1995)

From the press:

The first 7 studio albums by Swedish Death Metal forefathers Unleashed for the first time together on vinyl in one set! Founded in 1989, Unleashed are celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2019! As a gift their first and long-time home, Century Media Records, are releasing an extremely limited 7LP set in a noble hardcover slipcase with silver hot foil stamping including a 36 page booklet. It contains all albums the band has released on Century Media between 1991 and 2004: "Where No Life Dwells" (1991), "Shadows In The Deep" (1992), "Across The Open Sea" (1993), "Victory" (1995), "Warrior" (1997), "Hell’s Unleashed" (2002) and "Sworn Allegiance" (2004).

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