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  • Mini-LP - 23.99 EUR
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  • Genre:Black Metal, Progressive Rock/Metal
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Limited black-turquoise-white swirl vinyl in a lush gatefold incl. four photo cards.

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More than any other artist to emerge from the fertile black metal scene of the early 90s, Ihsahn has firmly established himself as an unpredictable maverick. Frontman and chief composer with the legendary Emperor, he re-wrote the rulebook on epic extreme music across a series of albums that are still widely regarded as classics. From the genre-defining majesty of "In The Nightside Eclipse" in 1994 to 2001's wildly progressive tour-de-force "Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire & Demise", Ihsahn's unique approach and liberated musical ethos ensured that when he embarked on a solo career with 2006's "The Adversary", fans were primed to expect the unexpected.

Since that debut's explosive arrival, Ihsahn has forged fearlessly ahead, conjuring an extraordinary catalogue of ground-breaking solo albums along the way. Strong roots in extreme metal have remained an integral part of his ever-evolving sound, but from the saxophone-drenched melancholy of 2010’s After to the avant-garde squall of 2013's "Das Seelenbrechen" and on to the ornate duality that produced the vicious and weather-beaten "Arktis" (2016) and the icily claustrophobic "Amr" (2018), Ihsahn's musical journey has been relentlessly fascinating and frequently revelatory.

In 2020, Ihsahn is poised to take yet another left-turn into unfamiliar territory, with the second of two five-track EPs inspired by and dedicated his home county of "Telemark".

The second EP "Pharos" represents the lighter, Pop and melodic side of Ihsahn’s compositional identity. With three new original songs and two amazing cover versions, it represents a celebration of the defiant spirit that first inspired him to follow a creative path three decades ago.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Losing Altitude 4:10
2 - Spectre At The Feast 4:26
3 - Pharos 5:47
4 - Roads 5:31
5 - Manhattan Skyline 4:51
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