Headbangers symphony CLEAR VINYL

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WOLF HOFFMANN - Headbangers symphony CLEAR VINYL
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Limited to 500 transparent vinyls with two bonus tracks in a gatefold sleeve. COB frontman, guitarist and mastermind Alexi Laiho commented on the new album: “We are close to putting the finishing touches on the new COB record »I Worship Chaos« and as much fun (but most importantly raw, literally bloody knuckled hard work) it has been making it, I’m more than happy and even more anxious to share this chaos with the rest of the world. So people, put your shades and helmets on, it will get very dark and it might hurt, in a perfect COB fashion of course!” Returning to Finland’s Danger Johnny Studios (located at a top secret, undisclosed location in Helsinki) to record »I Worship Chaos«, the album was produced by COB and Mikko Karmila, who worked with the band on their earlier albums »Halo Of Blood«, »Hatebreeder«, »Follow The Reaper« and »Hate Crew Deathroll«. The album was mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland.

Track list
Side A
01. Scherzo
02. Night On Bald Mountain
03. Je Crois Entendre Encore
04. Double Cello Concerto In G Minor
05. Adagio
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