THE SPIRIT Sounds from the vortex CLEAR VINYL

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THE SPIRIT - Sounds from the vortex CLEAR VINYL
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  • Genre:Death Metal
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Limited to 300 clear vinyls in a gatefold sleeve.

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In the long Scandinavian winter nights of the 1990s, the harshness of (melodic) death was combined with the icy attitude of black metal and created a suffocating darkness that has lasted until today. The soul of this musical fusion lives on in the passionate songwriting of THE SPIRIT, and with its determination and utter elegance »Sounds From The Vortex« evokes an atmosphere hailing right from the Scandinavian tombs.

With a penchant for mysticism and the darkness beyond, these »Sounds From The Vortex« are captivating and mesmerizing. The element of unpredictability can also be found in the lineup list, as the four musicians reveal only their initials and their place of origin and keep the rest in secrecy. The artistic handwriting behind the atmospheric cover is unmistakable though, as it comes from the Romanian metal artwork guru Costin Chioreanu.

Track list
Side A
01. Sounds From The Vortex
02. Cosmic Fear
03. The Clouds Of Damnation
04. Cross The Bridge To Eternity
Side B
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