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OTEP - Kult 45
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Kommt als schwarze 180g LP im Gatefold.

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Proudly carrying the torch that artists like Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against The Machine), Ice-T, Woody Guthrie, Chuck D, Napalm Death, System of a Down and Kendrick Lamar lit up with their politically charged lyrics, the talented singer, rapper, poet, illustrator, author and activist OTEP SHAMAYA has proven to be one of theprolific, loudest and most sincere voices in protest music!
On KULT 45, the powerhouse eighth studio album, OTEP expertly fusesaggressive and pervasive metal molotovs, imbued with eruptive rapcore, that captivate the mind and body, not only with lyrically-embraced social enlightenment, but with poignant messages regarding the current political and cultural conditions in America.
KULT 45 was recorded at The Lair in Los Angeles, using the same equipment as OTEP's debut album Sevas Tra, creating a sound and feeling reminiscent of OTEP's heavy experimental roots. The new album was produced by Otep Shamaya herself and fiery guitarist Aristotle, with assistant engineers Larry Goetz, Nicolas Schilke and Lizzy Ostro.
Shamaya explains that KULT 45 is the most authentic album OTEP have ever released.
“The album is uncompromising. We wanted to record songs that not only captures the pandemonium of our live shows but showcases the expert musicality and lyrical stylings we’ve yet to unleash. You’ll know it's us, but it’s unlike anything OTEP fans have heard before and that makes KULT 45 our most authentic release to date. We had the freedom to write, record and exist within the songs on Kult 45 as noble savages. Things needed to be said and songs needed to be written without fear so to bravely reflect the times. We weren’t under anyone else’s agenda, there were no shackles, no barriers.”
On hymns such as 'Halt Right' and 'Molotov', OTEP thrashes out with brute force and skillful pun, clearly calling out against the return of odiferous hate groups. With the more emotionally charged 'Shelter In Place' OTEP takes on the current political crisis in America speaking out against school shootings and gun violence while also commending the strength and courage of survivors and the passion and devotion of the Parkland high school students who organized and set forth the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES movement.
Other highlights include KULT 45's amalgamations of style and how masterfully it flows between heavy metal and hip-hop with songs like 'BOSS' leading the way. Later the album segues to a beautiful ballad called 'BRAVE' that seductively beckons listeners to abandon their comfort zones and go after their dreams. The album closes out with a cover of the classic song "Wake Up" - a tribute to the most important inspirationfor the band and KULT 45, the legends, Rage Against The Machine.
The CD version of KULT 45 also includes two bonus tracks - one of which 'The Tribe Speaks' - is recorded voicemails from fans set to music expressing how much OTEP's music has touched, inspired or changed their lives.
“On these voicemails fans tell us how empowered they feel, how the music saved them,” explains Shamaya. "Some told us that they discovered their identities through our music and lyrics. Some spoke how our messages gave them the strength to come out of the closet and proudly join the LGBTQ community. Likewise, there are several who said that they had considered committing suicide but our music gave them the strength to push on. These messages are so moving, so real, so inspiring and empowering — it’s what keeps me fighting. We want to empower people. We want them know just how strong they are. Sure, this album was written to wake people up and applaud the 'at present WOKE', but more importantly, it’s meant to carbonate every listener with the hope and confidence that they can make a difference.”

OTEP - Line Up:
Otep Shamaya: Vocals
Aristotle: Guitars
Drewski Barnes: Bass
Justin Kier: Drums

Track list Total runtime
1 - Hail To The Thief 0:29
2 - Halt Right 2:39
3 - Molotov 3:18
4 - Said The Snake 3:37
5 - Undefeated 2:44
6 - Trigger Warning 3:43
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