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MANEGARM Fornaldarsagor

21.99 EUR

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MANEGARM - Fornaldarsagor
  • LP - 21.99 EUR
  • Item number:278748
  • Version:LP
  • Genre:Viking/Pagan/Epic Metal
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More info:

On "Fornaldarsagor", MANEGARM invite us to a journey through long-lost ancient times. Eight new tracks breathe new life into sagas and tales from a pre-christianized, pagan era that made Scandinavia into what it is today – and those sagas have now been wrapped in exciting viking metal. Furious opening track "Sveablotet" marks a breathless start and lets majestic black metal flow into anthemic choirs and melodies, whereas "Ett sista farväl" weds melancholic folk spirit with fragile female vocals. Warm violin interludes infuse most songs, lend an epic character to frost-clad metal tunes and fuel the listener's imagination. "Fornaldarsagor" turns out to be the most multi-faceted and uncompromising piece of concept art the Swedes forged so far and will feed the flames of heathen fires for a long, long time…

Straight into the adventure of ancient days!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Sveablotet 5:32
2 - Hervors arv 5:21
3 - Slaget vid Bråvalla 5:03
4 - Ett sista farväl 5:14
5 - Spjutbädden 5:56
6 - Tvenne drömmar 4:47
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