Power & volume BLACK VINYL

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FREE FALL - Power & volume BLACK VINYL
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Limited black 180g vinyl in gatefold with poster.

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“I've got fire, I've got soul! And power! And Volume!” Rockers, beware! You're now about to witness the strength of freedom rock! FREE FALL are that one band that only comes around every few decades. Being formed by members of THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES (Mattias Bärjed, guitar) and THE INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY (Ludwig Dahlberg, drums), FREE FALL are completed by bass player extraordinaire, Jan Martens, and a super talented singer called Kim Fransson. Together they've formed something so true, honest and timeless, we'll be pleasured to still remember and play their songs in 30+ years time over and over again. Despite the ongoing retro revival, FREE FALL don't need occult lyrics, don't need LSD driven imagery to convince any fan of 70ies music. The four piece let their tunes speak for themselves. Tunes that will take everyone into LED ZEPPELIN, early VAN HALEN, UFO, THE STOOGES, early JUDAS PRIEST, AC/DC, or even early GUNS N' ROSES by storm. The result is a super energetic album featuring short but powerful and riff ladden songs with the best hooks and vocal lines in years – music that comes from its makers hearts, not their heads. “Turn it up, turn it up louder! LOUDER!”

Track list Total runtime
1 - Power & Volume 3:30
2 - Free Fall 3:58
3 - Midnight Vulture 6:46
4 - Top Of The World 3:02
5 - Attila 6:35
Track list Total runtime
1 - World Domination 4:44
2 - Love Bombing 3:38
3 - Damnation 5:17
4 - Meriola Blues 2:48
5 - Meat 5:35
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