Sardonic wrath

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DARKTHRONE - Sardonic wrath
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"Sardonic Wrath" was initially released in 2004 and was Darkthrone's final album for the Moonfog Productions label. With a suitably raw sound courtesy of Lars Klokkerhaug, the album delivers a wholly grim selection of black metal greatness courtesy of Nocturno Culto and Fenriz, with a dose of pure 80s metal influence as ever coursing through their veins. Regarded as a particular highlight of Darkthrone's Moonfog era albums, "Sardonic Wrath" also features guest vocals from Apollyon of countrymen Aura Noir/Immortal. This LP edition of "Sardonic Wrath" is presented on 180gm heavyweight black vinyl.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Order of the ominous
2 - Information wants to be syndicated
3 - Sjack matt Jesu Krist
4 - Straightening sharks in heaven
5 - Alle gegen alle
6 - Man tenker sitt
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