CARCASS Necroticism - Descanting the insalubrious REISSUE

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CARCASS - Necroticism - Descanting the insalubrious REISSUE
  • LP - 18.99 EUR
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  • Version:LP
  • Genre:Death Metal, Grindcore
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Limited edition FDR vinyl re-master of the third album from Death Metal/Grindcore legends CARCASS. This album has been specially re-mastered using 'FDR' - Full Dynamic Range mastering from the original DAT tapes - allowing the music's nuances to shine through and giving the whole album a more dynamic sound than ever before, and enabling the listener to immerse in the full audio heaviness like never before.

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Formed in the late 80's, Carcass featured ex-Napalm Death guitarist Bill Steer and ex- Electro Hippies vocalist Jeff Walker became famous as a 'gore' band - using extreme images on album sleeve and in lyrics. Carcass reformed in 2007 and their 2013 release Surgical Steel was met with critical acclaim and their first to chart in the TOP 50 in the UK Album Charts. Carcass have attracted a huge cult following and a worldwide fan base.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Inpropagation 7:07
2 - Corporal jigsore quandary 5:48
3 - Symposium of sickness 6:56
4 - Pedigree butchery 5:16
5 - Incarnated solvent abuse 5:00
6 - Carneous Cacoffiny 6:43
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