ASSASSIN Combat cathedral RED VINYL

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ASSASSIN - Combat cathedral RED VINYL
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Limited red 180gr. vinyl (10 tracks) incl. 12 track CD in a paper sleeve.

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It’s a phenomenon that we occasionally come across in life: sometimes you have to take one step back to be able to take two steps forward. "Combat cathedral", the latest album release by Düsseldorf speed thrash metal act ASSASSIN, takes two steps forward. It presents a band that is not only highly motivated, bringing to bear all its tried and tested fortes and pushing the pedal to the metal as ever, but that also has the courage to evolve. There are a number of reasons for this; one of them answers to the name of Ingo ´Crowzak` Bajonczak and is the group’s new frontman. Which takes us to the above-mentioned step back: when original vocalist and founder member Robert Gonnella left ASSASSIN in spring 2014, his departure raised a number of fundamental questions. “Although Robert’s decision had been looming for some time, we were shocked and sad when he announced his decision,” says guitarist Jürgen ´Scholli` Scholz, looking back at that time two years ago. “Naturally, there was the question of how we would go on.”

Luckily, ASSASSIN found the ideal solution for their temporary personnel issue and after a brief reorientation phase, things were soon back to normal. Fresh ideas began to flow, and new addition Bajonczak, formerly of bands such as Lord Of Giant, Supersoma and New Damage, turned out to be a welcome source of inspiration who came up with a number of surprising ideas. “As Ingo had always been a great ASSASSIN fan he immediately understood what is important in our songs. On the other hand, he’s not only a thrash metal shouter but has a much wider vocal range which has given a slightly different hue to our material,” Scholz explains. ASSASSIN used to be accused of our vocals being too hardcore-oriented. That kind of criticism should now be a thing of the past thanks to Ingo.”

Compared to their predecessor album "Breaking the silence", which attracted global attention in 2011, "Combar cathedral" comes across as vocally and stylistically much more diverse. Of course there are your typical thrash barnburners which see ASSASSIN pick up impressive speed, doing their genre proud. The opener ´Back From The Dead` sets the direction for the rest of the album, its 240 bpm demanding full commitment from all the band members and drummer Björn ´Burn` Sondermann in particular, just like the equally fast ´Undying Mortality`.

On the other hand, the album also presents a different side to ASSASSIN with slower phases at the same level of intensity. For example ´Frozen Before Impact`, a track which is unusual for the band from Düsseldorf and based on a riff which goes back to an idea by their former guitarist Dinko Vekic. Of course it’s a little risky to have a comparatively slow number follow the opener of an ASSASSIN album, but ´Frozen Before Impact` proves, just like ´Cross The Line` with its vocals reminiscent of Pantera and the partial nine-eighth time on the experimental final track ´Red Alert`, that "Combat cathedral" is anything but one-dimensional.

The twelve songs were recorded at the Nemesis Studios in Essen with the support of experienced sound engineer Marc Görtz, guitarist and main songwriter with German metal core legend Caliban. Scholz: “Marc made sure that the typically earthy and consciously slightly old-school ASSASSIN sound is ever-present on "Combat cathedral", enhancing it with a contemporary phat production. A perfect symbiosis!”

The album’s powerful speed thrash metal blends in perfectly with the new sleeve design. The artwork was created by Brazilian graphic designer Marcelo Vasco, whose work features on albums by Slayer, Machine Head, Soulfly and Borknagar, among others. “Our bassist Joachim Kremer is married to a Brazilian, that’s how our contact with Vasco came about,” the ASSASSIN guitarist explains this minor sensation. “We’re naturally very proud and happy, particularly since the artwork, together with the new material, documents the band’s development.”

Ingo “Crowzak” Bajonczak – vocals
Michael Hoffmann – guitars
Jürgen “Scholli” Scholz – guitars
Joachim Kremer - bass
Björn “Burn” Sondermann – drums

THE CLUB (2005)
new: COMBAT CATHEDRAL (Release date: 20 May 2016)

Track list Total runtime
1 - Back From The Dead 3:55
2 - Frozen Before Impact 2:27
3 - Undying Mortality 307:00
4 - Servant Of Fear 5:07
5 - Slave Of Time 4:31
6 - Whoremonger 5:48
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