SLEEP TOKEN This place will become your tomb

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SLEEP TOKEN - This place will become your tomb
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  • Version:2LP
  • Genre:Metalcore/Deathcore, Progressive Rock/Metal, Rock/Alternative
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At face value, this title seems like little more than a morbid statement regarding the inexorability of death. However, that's not really the intention. In our youth, we live with a sense that everything is transient. We move from place to place. Our relationships with others shift, blossom and die with considerable frequency. As we age though, we eventually begin to learn that some things in our lives stay the same, and will be with us until the end. Examples of this could be other people in our lives, physical changes or the consequences of trauma. Furthermore, it could be argued that these things are the true legacy we carry throughout the span of our lives and beyond, and that this is not necessarily a bad thing. It is an acceptance of this, (and anacknowledgement of the meaning which this realisation bestows,) that underpins a lot of the material on this album. In short, despite its nihilistic overtones, this is in fact a fundamental rejection of nihilism. This place will indeed become my tomb, butI will work to ensure that I will die in a garden of roses.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Atlantic 4:53
2 - Hypnosis 5:36
3 - Mine 4:57
4 - Like That 3:35
5 - The Love You Want 4:23
6 - Fall For Me 2:26
Track list Total runtime
1 - Alkaline 3:34
2 - Distraction 4:22
3 - Descending 4:38
4 - Telomeres 5:07
5 - High Water 5:13
6 - Missing Limbs 3:21
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