CRADLE OF FILTH Cryptoriana - The seductiveness of decay BLACK VIN

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CRADLE OF FILTH - Cryptoriana - The seductiveness of decay BLACK VIN
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Black double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

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A monstrous tour-de-force of utterly distinctive but reassuringly destructive heavy fucking metal, laced with spectral disquiet but delivered with muscular aplomb, »Cryptoriana« was conceived during the summer of 2016 as CRADLE OF FILTH convened in Ashok and Škaroupka’s native Czech Republic, before being meticulously pieced together by the band and now long-time producer Scott Atkins back in the UK during the first half of 2017. From the exhilarating melodrama of opening two-fisted salvo 'Exquisite Torments Await' and 'Heartbreak And Seance' onwards, the twelfth CRADLE album manifestly represents yet another wild expansion of the band’s sonic manifesto across nine epic and elaborate new anti-hymns and, as Dani mentions, a fervent blast through Canadian thrash legends ANNIHILATOR’s ageless 'Alison Hell'. From 'Achingly Beautiful'’s synapse-scorching holocaust of the heart to the flesh-ripping, thrash-driven grandeur of 'Wester, Vespertine' and the pitch-black lysergic gargoyle attack of 'You Will Know The Lion By His Claw', »Cryptoriana« is simply the most musically and visually startling record in CRADLE’s history; one that grittily upholds the band’s tradition of conjuring warped narratives that linger long in the memory.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Exquisite Torments Await 2:15
2 - Heartbreak And Seance 6:24
3 - Achingly Beautiful 7:02
4 - Wester Vespertine 7:29
5 - The Seductiveness Of Decay 7:38
Track list Total runtime
1 - Vengeful Spirit 6:00
2 - You Will Know The Lion By His Claw 7:22
3 - Death And The Maiden 8:48
4 - The Night At Catafalque Manor 7:31
5 - Alison Hell 5:01
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