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Black double vinyl in gatefold.

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It was back in 1991 in the Polish city of Gdansk that Adam “Nergal” Darski founded the death metal band BAPHOMET alongside his fellow musicians: drummer Adam “Baal” Muraszko and guitarist Adam “Desecrator” Malinowski. Little did they know that they would evolve into the sublime beast that is the black metal BEHEMOTH. 26 years, 10 full length albums and numerous international tours later, BEHEMOTH are gifting us with a new live release aptly entitled »Messe Noire« (“black mass”), an appellation extracted from the eminent 2014 album »The Satanist«.

This blackened mass is not only a demonic ritual but also a celebration of the writhing, densely layered, brutally violent and sinister record that is »The Satanist«. Available as Blu-ray/DVD+CD-digibook, double LP gatefold vinyl (black/silver/gold) or earbook, listeners and spectators can expect the immersive experience of BEHEMOTH live. The Blu-ray/DVD includes both the »The Satanist« performed in full as well as some mature and celebrated classics plus 'The Cinematic Archive' (all official music videos made for »The Satanist«).

Track list Total runtime
1 - Blow your trumpet Gabriel
2 - Furor divinus
3 - Messe noire
4 - Ora pro nobis Lucifer
5 - Amen
6 - The satanist
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Track list Total runtime
1 - O father o satan o sun!
2 - Ov fire and the void
3 - Conquer all
4 - Pure evil and hate
5 - At the left hand of God
6 - Slaves shall serve
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